Food | The Art of the Smoothie Bowl

One of my newest breakfast obsessions has been the smoothie bowl! Think about it; normally you drink a smoothie. That's boring! But what if you took said smoothie and made is super thick, and put fun toppings on it? Suddenly, breakfast seems a lot like eating a bowl of ice cream. And who doesn't want that?
So this one's pretty simple, and you can really make it any way you like. I definitely suggest only using frozen ingredients otherwise you won't get the right consistency (read: thick). This is how I do it.


The Contour Game

Love it or hate, I bet you've dabbled in the contour game before. For most occasions I find it unnecessary, but if you are someone who like a medium to high coverage of foundation, there's a good chance you need to add some dimension back to your face. To varying degrees, a little shadow in the hollows of your cheek never hurt anyone. Here are my current favourites.


Home | Did-It-Myself Hanging Shelf

How flipping fantastic is this round hanging shelf? It's made out of a dim sum steamer basket! I'm actually somewhat surprised completely shocked at how well it turned out. I originally got this tutorial from A Pair & A Spare whose DIYs are always without flaw.


The Dark Lip

As the temperature falls, my choice of lip colour gets darker. Seriously, sometimes I feel like there is a direct correlation. -25 degrees outside? Awesome, pass me the almost-black lipsticks. Anyways, here are my three current lip favourites.


Out With The Old...

With fall in full force and summer an almost distant memory, I decided it was high time for a new, clean blog layout. As much as I love fun pastels, there's just nothing quite as resonate as an all black look. What do you think?

And to all my blogger friends out there, how often do you switch things up?