Food | The Art of the Smoothie Bowl

One of my newest breakfast obsessions has been the smoothie bowl! Think about it; normally you drink a smoothie. That's boring! But what if you took said smoothie and made is super thick, and put fun toppings on it? Suddenly, breakfast seems a lot like eating a bowl of ice cream. And who doesn't want that?
So this one's pretty simple, and you can really make it any way you like. I definitely suggest only using frozen ingredients otherwise you won't get the right consistency (read: thick). This is how I do it.


The Contour Game

Love it or hate, I bet you've dabbled in the contour game before. For most occasions I find it unnecessary, but if you are someone who like a medium to high coverage of foundation, there's a good chance you need to add some dimension back to your face. To varying degrees, a little shadow in the hollows of your cheek never hurt anyone. Here are my current favourites.


Home | Did-It-Myself Hanging Shelf

How flipping fantastic is this round hanging shelf? It's made out of a dim sum steamer basket! I'm actually somewhat surprised completely shocked at how well it turned out. I originally got this tutorial from A Pair & A Spare whose DIYs are always without flaw.


The Dark Lip

As the temperature falls, my choice of lip colour gets darker. Seriously, sometimes I feel like there is a direct correlation. -25 degrees outside? Awesome, pass me the almost-black lipsticks. Anyways, here are my three current lip favourites.