I’ve recently started a new job. And while this is ridiculously exciting and I’m so happy to be beginning a new chapter of life, it kind of makes me wonder where blogging fits into all this. Before this even when I wasn’t working full time, I was working part time and going to school full time. What I’m trying to say is that time hasn’t always been something I’ve had a whole lot of.
I know a lot of us read a lot of blogs and a good chunk of them are full time bloggers. This kind of instills this need to constantly be creating and blogging and posting and while that’s a beautiful idea, it’s just not a reality for me. I though I would write a post with a few of the tips that helped me with my blog over this past year and a half.
1. Blog When It Works For You
I would love to be able to post multiple times a week and I definitely have before. But for me right now, once a week is what’s working while I’m getting settled into a new pattern of life. People will still read your content. Don’t put things out just to meet a deadline that no one is forcing on you.
2. Take Photos In Bulk
It’s so much easier for me to write a post on the go if I know that I’ve already taken and edited my photos. So when the urge strikes to take photos for the blog, take a lot. I keep my staging and just switch out the products and a bit of the arrangements. That way even if I don’t think I have any posts to write about, I just look through my photos and see if anything stands out to me for a post.
3. Don’t Let It Become A Chore
Getting stuck in a rut happens to the best of us. Whether you have school, or work, or kids, or family on the brain, sometimes you don’t feel like blogging. That’s okay. We’re bloggers, not robots. If you’re not feeling it, then take a little break. Every time I take a step away from my blog for a few days weeks, when I come back I realize how much I love it again. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.
4. Switch Up Your Content
I used to be primarily a beauty blog of reviews. While I still do that, I also realized that I like other things. Writing about the exact same things get boring for both you and your readers. Let them know a bit more about yourself and what else makes you you. Do you like fashion? Do a style post. Are you a clean freak? Do a post on organization tips. Variety is the the spice of life.
5. Be Proud Of What You Do
It’s a lot easier to make yourself use your precious spare time on blogging, if it’s something that those around you embrace as well. When friends of mine mention my blog or youtube account in person, it almost makes it seem more real to me and lights a fire under me to create new content for it. It also became so much easier to bounce ideas off of friends for future posts.
I know it’s hard to tell your real life friends (haha) about blogging but if they’re your real friends, they’ll do nothing but support and motivate you. The fact that I make youtube videos actually helped me land my current job, so never be afraid to talk about it with those around you.
I hope these tips helped at least a few of you. The blogging balancing act is a bit of a tough one, but it’s definitely worth it. Let me know in the comments if you have any great tips for me!