As the temperature falls, my choice of lip colour gets darker. Seriously, sometimes I feel like there is a direct correlation. -25 degrees outside? Awesome, pass me the almost-black lipsticks. Anyways, here are my three current lip favourites.

Fixed On Drama by MAC is from the retro matte collection and my love for it runs deep and true. It is a dark rich burgundy that manages to be extremely matte without making me want to scrape my lips off my face. There’s something to be said for that

The next two are both Wet N Wild offerings. 919B Vamp It Up is supposedly a direct dupe of MAC’s Cyber. It is an almost blackened purple and I wouldn’t recommend it for your intro to dark lipsticks. Believe it or not, but the flash in the photo actually makes it look brighter than it really is. It’s really dark but it kind of makes me feel all powerful when I wear it.

On the other hand we have 918D Cherry Bomb which is probably the most every day wearable of all three. To be honest, it’s kind of just like Fixed on Drama but with more shine. It;s one of those situations where you realize that you have way too many shades of lipstick that look the same, but you can’t bring yourself to let go of any of them.

The Dark Lip The Dark Lip The Dark Lip

There are my current favourite dark lipsticks. What are you wearing?